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After immigrating from Austria-Hungary, in 1895 Julius Caeser Newman craved the American Dream and started the J.C. Newman Cigar Company. It was a very humble beginning in the family barn’s basement in Cleveland, Ohio. However because of the tenacity and perseverance, of young J.C., the company quickly grew and expanded. One hundred years later, Stanford Newman, J.C.’s son, wanted to honor his father’s vision with a very special cigar. This cigar would be called a Diamond Crown and would be like no other.



In 1991 Stanford Newman first discussed the concept of the Diamond Crown idea with Carlos Fuente, Sr. In celebration of the company’s (then) upcoming 100th anniversary, he wanted to develop a truly exceptional series of cigars- unlike any other on the market. He didn’t care how long it took to make, how much it cost to make, or even if it sold. His plan was to offer only the best cigar befitting his father’s honor and the Diamond Crown name.



In order to make Diamond Crown richest, yet most consistent full flavor possible, Carlos and Stanford knew they would have to make Diamond Crown a thick cigar. The larger ring, allowing for the blending of 6 – 7 leaves, assures the maximum flavor of each cigar. That’s why every Diamond Crown Classic size, ranging from the 8 1/2″ Robusto No. 1 down to the Robusto No. 8, is made with a full 54 ring.



Diamond Crown was officially launched at an all –star gala in Beverly Hills in April of 1995. Originally available only on the West Coast of the United States, the intention was to gradually spread the brand “to the east”, but the greater than anticipated rate of reorders made it difficult to satisfy demand, let alone expand to new markets. Today Diamond Crown cigars are still limited in production and only available in fine tobacconists nationwide.



For the company’s 110th anniversary, Stanford Newman wanted to create a hearty complement to the wildly successful Diamond Crown line. To accomplish this, he enlisted the help of two legendary cigar families, the Fuentes and Olivas. After years of collaboration J.C. Newman Cigar Company answered market demands for a fuller flavored Diamond Crown blend and launched a full-flavored, bold cigar that could only be created by these three cigar masterminds, the Diamond Crown MAXIMUS.



In 2010, to celebrate J.C.’s 135th birthday and the company’s 115th anniversary, Diamond Crown Julius Caeser was released. Much like the original Diamond Crown Classic and the Diamond Crown MAXIMUS, the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser features an especially flavorful Ecuadorian Havana-seed wrapper combined with a smooth, robust blend of fine Central American tobaccos, carefully aged for five years, that gives Julius Caeser its bold, rich distinctive flavor.


Handmade in the Dominican Republic by the world-renowned Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia, Diamond Crown cigars are rolled by the very best Master Rollers with exceptional aged tobacco and undergo rigid quality standards before public release.


Old world tradition and state of the art technology are combined in the intricate process of growing tobacco for a Diamond Crown cigar. To avoid damaging or bruising the growing leaves, tobacco fields are still plowed manually with a donkey.





In contrast, GPS tracking is used to identify approximately 20 microelements which should be present in the soil and delivers nutrients where they are needed. No chemicals are used, only organic compounds to ensure the flavor of each leaf is not compromised.





What truly makes the taste of Diamond Crown cigars so special is its Connecticut Fermented Wrapper. When the fermented five-year-old wrapper leaves are unpacked from the bale to be conditioned and graded, the silkiest, smoothest leaves are set aside and placed in bulks for a second fermentation.






In order to deliver the richest most consistent full flavor possible, Stanford knew he would have to make Diamond Crown a thick cigar. Going against convention, he insisted each size be rolled in a 54 ring-gauge, this allowed for the blending of 6-7 individual leaves, assuring a complex, unparalleled flavor.




Only the most skilled cigar makers are permitted to roll Diamond Crown cigars and are paid a top, fixed rate. They are also limited on the number of cigars they can make daily ensuring Diamond Crown rollers incentive is to make the best, rather than the most cigars.




Using a unique and highly guarded rolling method, the more flavorful parts of each tobacco leaf is rolled to create a deep flavor complexity. Also, using more filler leaves than most cigars, the slower burning tobacco goes into the middle of the cigar – a sign of an exquisitely rolled cigar.





All tobacco used in a Diamond Crown cigar is aged for a minimum of five years before it ever reaches the roller. The proprietary aging process includes barn aging, temperature controlled aging rooms and oak barrels from the Bordeaux region in France.





Each Diamond Crown cigar passes through three separate inspections before it is sent to the cedar aging room. Once approved, they are separated into lots of 50 and moved to the curing rooms to age for a minimum of 12 months.





From the 50 cigars in each lot, only the most perfect in appearance, firmness and wrapper texture are approved by experienced inspectors for placement in the Diamond Crown cabinet, along with a numbered Certificate of Inspection.





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Diamond Crown


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Diamond Crown No. 18 1/2" x 54
Body: Mild
A huge, golden hued cigar with an attractive wrapper. It’s very creamy and cedary, with some sweetness on the palate and hints of oats and coconut.

Diamond Crown No. 27 1/2" x 54
Body: Mild
Lightly colored with an even draw. It's a light, toasty cigar with creamy notes and a woody finish.

Diamond Crown No. 36 1/2" x 54
Body: Mild
This squat cigar has an even draw and burn, delivering smooth, soft smoke that is mild and nutty. A well-balanced smoke.

Diamond Crown No. 45 1/2" x 54
Body: Mild
An attractive and oily cigar. It delivers tasty, smooth smoke with hints of fruit and a light spiciness.

Diamond Crown No. 54 1/2" x 54
Body: Mild
A dark blonde cigar that draws easily, and burns evenly. It is woody and floral with light vanilla notes and a dusty finish.

Diamond Crown No. 66" x 46/64
Body: Mild
A blond perfecto with an unusually fat bottom. Flavors are creamy and sweet with notes of corn and toast and a slight cedary zing.

Diamond Crown No. 76 3/4" x 54
Body: Mild
A silky, oily cigar. A well-made torpedo. It has an easy draw, showing creamy flavors with hints of sweet spice.

Diamond Crown No. 85" x 58
Body: Mild
This torpedo is well proportioned and firm, wrapped in a shiny, golden brown wrapper. Generous woody aromas, particularly cedar, spread through the ample creamy smoke. Delicately spicy, slightly piquant, a little salty and harmoniously well balanced.

Julius Caeser


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Julius Caeser Pyramid6 1/2" x 52
Body: Medium
Lots of rich, coffee-laden smoke layers the palate with each puff. The bold coffee is balanced by sweet and spicy woody flavors and a savory finish.

Julius Caeser Churchill 7 1/4" x 52
Body: Medium
An attractive cigar with a reddish-brown wrapper and well-made cap. The overall flavor profile is well rounded with a palate of wood, nuts, orange peel and cedar.

Julius Caeser Robusto4 3/4" x 52
Body: Medium
This well-made cigar burns evenly, and imparts a cedary smoke with coffee bean flavors and earth notes on the aftertaste.

Julius Caeser Toro6″ x 52
Body: Medium
Covered in a veiny wrapper, this cigar burns evenly and draws well, offering a woody and earthy smoke with minerality on the finish.



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MAXIMUS No. 18" x 50
Body: Full
Big and oily with an even draw and burn. The first puffs are rich and sweet before cedar notes build to the espresso bean finish.

MAXIMUS No. 27" x 50
Body: Full
Dark and aromatic, this cigar features superb construction and a balanced profile. Delivers pleasant notes of fresh brewed coffee and roasted nuts throughout the full bodied smoke.

MAXIMUS No. 36 3/8" x 50
Body: Full
A very dark torpedo with a pointy tip. The cigar has a medium-bodied range of fruit and wood flavors that are present on the finish.

MAXIMUS No. 46" x 50
Body: Full
A dark, gritty-looking wrapper. It's earthy and dry, with a touch of wood on the finish.

MAXIMUS No. 55" x 50
Body: Full
Dark and veiny with a good burn. A creamy, savory cigar that is slightly chocolatey on the finish.

MAXIMUS No. 65" x 56
Body: Full
It has an airy draw. Some sweet, nutty notes come through at first, and finishes very smooth.

MAXIMUS No. 106 3/4" x 54
Body: Full
A large dark, oily belicoso that burns with a bright white ash. It is very cedary with nutty, leather flavors and a hint of sweetness.

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The Delaware

American Series

This humidor features traditional styling and a cherry finish. It is made from 100% solid Cherry hard wood and also features beveled edge details. Designed to hold up to 80 cigars.


The Jefferson

American Series

Made from 100% solid Cherry hard wood, this handsome humidor features a traditional oak finish with curved sides and beveled edges. Designed to hold up to 95 cigars.


The Washington

American Series

A deep mahogany finish and classic curved front makes the Washington a perfect addition to any décor. Made from 100% solid Cherry hard wood and holds up to 110 cigars.


The Drake

St. James Series

The Drake features a lush Natural Rosewood design. Elegant wood grains of this exotic species are enhanced by the soft, supple appearance of the satin finish. Available in 40, 90 and 160 count models..


The Alexander

St. James Series

The Alexander is wrapped in an exotic Black Ebony veneer detailed with dark accents. The elegant design of this humidor paired with a luminous high-gloss finish would make an impressive addition to anyone’s home. Available in 40, 90 and 160 count models.


The Oxford

St. James Series

The Oxford features an exquisite Brazilian Rosewood high-gloss finish with handsome black accents. Available in 40, 90 and 160 count models.


The Windsor

St. James Series

The Windsor features an exotic African Bubinga high-gloss finish with stylish black accents. Available in 40, 90 and 160 count models.


The Peabody

St. James Series

The Peabody’s off-white pebble grain texture and high-gloss sheen result in an eye-catching design. Surrounded by a beautiful light wood edging, this humidor is an elegant alternative for those wanting to escape the ordinary. Available in 40, 90 and 160 count models.



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